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Game Free: Gods Will Be Watching, One Chance, Organ Trail

This edition of Game Free takes a dark turn. These three games focus on choice whether it be leading a group of survivors, saving humanity from a disease, or traveling through a zombie infested America. They are meant to be quick and offer various replay results. Again, they’re dark, but also accessible to both hardcore and casual gamers. And as always they’re free. Good luck adventurers.

These are a few screenshots from the selected Game Free titles.
These are a few screenshots from the selected Game Free titles.
This is a piece of promo art for GWBW.

Gods Will Be Watching: As the captain of a stranded crew, the group must survive the frozen tundra of the wilderness. In order to survive, the radio must be repaired within forty days. Action Points can be spent to repair the radio, gather supplies, talk to the crew, and so forth. As the days go on, crew members get antsy, sick, or even up and leave. There’s not exactly a right way to do it, but certain actions do help the outcome. In a way, it’s a puzzle, but one with dark consequences.

One Chance: Similar to GWBW, this game is all about making choices. The protagonist cures cancer, but then discovers in five days the cure will mutate and kill all of humanity. What next? Party like it’s 1999, or try to work on a cure? There are multiple endings with variations of deeply depressing results. The game is only about ten minutes so experimentation is key. Can it be done on the first try?

Organ Trail: Yes, this is a parody game of Oregon Trail. Instead of settlers, players are survivors in a zombie apocalypse trying to make it across the county to sanctuary. A few things have been altered. For example, one doesn’t hunt for food. Instead players shoot off zombies while groceries appear in the wilderness. Outposts are still there and instead of wading through rivers, players navigate through with crossing zombie-infested streets. And yes, crew members can still be named Pizza, Vagina, Douche, and so forth. It’s good, quirky fun for all ages!

For a video version featuring these three games on Game Free, be sure to check out ReActionExaminer on YouTube.

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