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Game Free: DrugBound, Strategy 2012, and Tax Evaders

Let’s start the year fresh. Pay those bills off from Christmas and enjoy some free games before popping out that wallet once February rolls around. This edition of Game Free looks at the RPG side of politics, 8-bit taxes, and some good old drugs.

This is DrugBound's title screen.
This is DrugBound's title screen.
Silverware Games, Slouch Couch, Molleindustria
This is a screenshot from Strategy 2012.
Silverware Games

DrugBound: In this endless runner players try to score as much pot as they can while running through the desert. It starts off simple enough, but grows more complex as mutants and satellites start getting in the way of our drug riddled hero. And that’s just the beginning. So it begs the question. Is this guy actually running, or alone somewhere in the desert tripping out?

Strategy 2012: This is essentially a fan version of Nintendo's Advance Wars (a review of which is highlighted in the article) starring 2012’s electoral candidates. Players are part of Mitt Romney’s team, facing Obama’s camp. Characters zip around the map in cars and when faced in battle, a political issue will be used as a weapon to dish out damage. The aesthetic and music are amazing and it’s definitely this writer’s favorite game on the list. It’s an actual game with a bit of depth to it that, if fleshed out, would be a great 3DS eShop title.

Tax Evaders: As the name would imply, yes, this is a game about evading taxes in the guise of Space Invaders. Specifically big companies like General Electric, Verizon, BP, Wells Fargo, and the list goes on. Instead of a ship, players control a vocal minority and shout their messages to destroy corporate, er, space ships? There’s not much to it, but hey, it’s a funny idea, or really, a punny one.

Game Free is a feature highlighting downloadable and flash enabled indie games that are free.

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