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Game Free: Broforce, Rambo Last Blood, Super Hot

This is a promo image showcasing the playable characters in Broforce.
Free Lives, Devolver Digital

Bored during this video game Summer lull? Well it’s time to get a little bloody in this edition of Game Free. And unlike the previous episodes, two of the games listed are just demos for indie games currently in development: Broforce and Super Hot. Rambo, eh, not so much. Demo or not, these three games are amazing. Plus, as always, they’re free!

Broforce: This game quickly turned into an obsession and this is only the demo! Okay, let’s set up the story concept. Pixelated world? Check. Explosions and gore? Check. Dozens of characters from the best action movies of all time including Rambo, John McLane, McGuyver, Mr. T, Blade, and more? Check. It's easy to play and hard to put down. Just go play it. NOW.

Rambo Last Blood: It’s no joke that the movie character of Rambo has killed hundreds of men over the course of his franchise. This game takes that into account. After being hit by a bus, a godly colonel tells Rambo he must atone for his sins, seek out those he has killed, and hug out past tensions in order to join them in Valhalla. As weird as that sounds, RLB is kind of like a puzzle game in a way. One cannot simply hug a terrorist and move on. There are stipulations to each enemy. Trust this writer, it’ll make anyone laugh.

Super Hot: Slowed gunplay isn’t a new mechanic by any means. However, this indie shooter is more of a puzzle shooter, akin to Portal, than a straight up run and gun kill fest. Each level is a new scenario. Time stands still until players move. Every step and action moves time forward. The object is to kill everyone in the room while not falling prey to the enemies. One hit and players are dead. Super stylist. Super smart. Super Hot. Try it out.

Head on over to the accompanying YouTube Channel, ReActionExaminer, for a quick look at these three games plus tons of other great videos.

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