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Game Free: Abused Pokemon, Mario Kills, and Nintendo Slaves

This is the title screen for PB&B.
This is the title screen for PB&B.
PETA, Nintendo

Ah PETA. Their messages are sound, but their methods are questionable. For example, why go after a video game with fictional creatures? Pokémon aren’t real. Plus Nintendo isn’t a slave trader and Mario does not kill Tanooki. Confused dear readers? Well read on in this very bizarre rendition of Game Free.

Pokémon Black and Blue: No, this isn’t a new Pokémon game. Rather it’s a parody created by PETA to promote the mistreatment of Pokémon. Sure it’s funny in its own bizarre way, but Pokémon aren’t real. Protecting an imaginary being is like believing in most religions. Hey, kidding aside, this game is bizarre. Instead of fighting Pokémon vs Pokémon battles, the little creatures break free and battle humans. It’s short, simple, and entertaining if not extremely frustrating in its message.

Mario Kills Tanooki: Yet another PETA game spreading the word about cartoon characters. PETA believes Mario kills Tanooki in order to power up. Nope, he gets it from a magic suit. Magic, PETA, magic! Also, hey, this is a video game. Is someone taking crazy pills over there? Is PETA fully aware of their absurdity and trolling everyone? Regardless of that answer, this game is disturbing. Like, really disturbing. This writer feels itchy.

Walk Free Slavery is Not a Game: Yep time to enter some truly awkward waters here. It’s not from PETA, but another indie company trying to raise awareness. The game pits players in the role of a rather lanky Mario who is trying to infiltrate the “evil” Nintendo castle in order to put an end to their debauchery. What debauchery? Nintendo allegedly uses materials in their consoles that are mined by slaves. Now Nintendo isn’t enslaving these people, but it does leave them in a rather pickling bind. Yet the game doesn’t try to enforce a real message beyond this. It’s a game before anything else and crappy one at that.

For a video demonstration of the games above check out ReActionExaminer.