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Game changer for hair industry

Techturized Inc. merges technology and hair care together
Techturized Inc. merges technology and hair care together
Techturized Inc.

Georgia Tech isn’t the place known for hair products, and why should it be when it’s a University- and one University that is one of the top technology Universities in the country. But three women; Chanel Martin, Candace Mitchell, and Jess Watson will have changed the way you’ll view any technology University from now on with their tech-savvy intelligence and desire to bring proper Black hair products onto the market after repeatedly being greatly displeased with the Black hair products already available.

Sick of the lack of choices, awful products, and too few hair-care resources for people of color these Georgia Tech grads went the extra step to create a phenomenal idea- bringing great hair products with a twist to the world.

The tech-savvy women took matters into their own hands, and have many people excited with great anticipation for what’s to come next. Candace Mitchell and Jess Watson are computer scientists, while Chanel Martin is a chemical engineer but it didn’t stop them from accomplishing this great feat of delivering something of great substance to the world.

The Atlanta midtown-based beauty tech company came with a strong vision- which is beginning to see the light of day since they have attracted so much attention already. This phenomenal trio launched their parent company, Techturized Inc., actually in 2012 but just last month launched their first app, named Myavana. Apple and soon-to-be Android ready, the app allows users to search for local stylists and beauty stores, share photos, find solutions for hair mistakes, and become educated on style tricks from the professionals all while getting peer-to-peer feedback. Big this is- yes it is.

Although practically brand new to the market, the tech-savvy owners have garnered so much attention because this is the first of its kind- and with such attention from the Technology Association of Georgia it’s just the beginning for this company.

Techturized is hair care technology. It is science and technology. It is revolutionary in the way it is being done. How you receive information will never be the same.

They say African American hair is their focus with their primary goal for the company to have its focus on African American hair. African American hair is the reason why the company was born, and to that- the company will be greatly appreciated because, still in the day of 2014, Black hair products in comparison to others aren’t up to par. For Black hair to encompass every kind of texture and pattern there’s just simply not enough products available for people of color.

Black hair is straight.
Black hair is wavy.
Black hair is curly.
Black hair is coiled.
Black hair is course, or what many would say nappy.
Black hair comes in blonde, brown to black.

For Black hair to actually encompass every texture and color there is, you would think there would at least be way more than just a “section” for Black products located in the stores- but in fact it’s the smallest section there.

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