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Game changer: Atlas Wearables

**UPDATE** Indiegogo has extended this campaign for another 30 days, but you'll still have to act fast if you want early-adopter pricing of $159.

Atlas Fitness Tracker MSRP $225
Atlas Fitness Tracker MSRP $225
Courtesy of Atlas Wearables
Atlas Wearables
Courtesy of Atlas Wearables

Atlas Wearables has done it with plenty of room to spare. Back on January 7, 2014, Atlas Wearables set out to raise $125,000 on Indiegogo in order to get their revolutionary fitness tracker manufactured and into the marketplace, but instead, they’ve raised $420,104 and still have 20 hours to go (maybe you can help them 500k). Congratulations!

If this fitness tracker performs the way the folks at Atlas claim it does, what they have on their hands is a total game changer. Instead of being able to monitor a mere handful of activities, it is the world’s first activity tracker that can track everything, and by everything, they mean everything. According to the folks at Atlas Wearables, “it can tell the difference between push-ups and triangle push-ups, bicep curls and alternating bicep curls and squats versus dead lifts. Atlas logs workouts with almost zero user action and keeps track of the user’s heart rate so you can see how each movement affects your body.” The Atlas fitness tracker can also learn, so if your workout is unconventional, like chopping wood, or training to win the world’s strongest man contest, Atlas, since its sensors see motion in 3D, can identify the specific motion fingerprint of each exercise, then provide the pertinent data to the user through its on-wrist display.

The founders

  • Peter Li - Developed a motivational platform to aid in weight loss and muscle development while at Johns Hopkins University
  • Mike Kasparian - While at Philips Healthcare he learned how data can save lives when designing circuitry for defibrillators
  • Alex Hsieh - A passionate software developer who learned what it takes to develop and advance robust and versatile software packages while at Maxim Integrated

For more information about the Atlas Wearables Fitness Tracker, click here. To get in on their Indiegogo campaign at the last minute, click here.