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Game Boy Advance games and 'Mario 3' hitting Wii U Virtual Console in April

April is a big month for the Wii U Virtual Console, as it finally sees the arrival of the first wave of Game Boy Advance games as well as the long-overdue NES classic Super Mario Bros. 3. Nintendo promised way back at the Wii U Virtual Console's launch early last year that Game Boy Advance support would eventually be coming, while Super Mario Bros. 3 was originally supposed to arrive before the end of 2013. Bucking their usual trend, Nintendo of America have laid out the entire month's schedule of Virtual Console releases beforehand, and we have it for you here:

After almost a year, GBA games are finally coming to the Wii U Virtual Console.

Thursday, April 3:

Advance Wars (GBA, $7.99)
Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga (GBA, $7.99)
Metroid Fusion (GBA, $7.99)

Thursday, April 10:

Kirby & The Amazing Mirror (GBA, $6.99)
WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgame$! (GBA, $6.99)

Thursday, April 17:

Super Mario Bros. 3 (NES, $4.99; also launching on the 3DS Virtual Console on the same day)
F-Zero: Maximum Velocity (GBA, $6.99)
Golden Sun (GBA, $7.99)

Thursday, April 24:

Yoshi's Island: Super Mario Advance 3 (GBA, $7.99)

As with all other NES titles, if you already own the Wii Virtual Console version of Super Mario Bros. 3, it will only cost you $1 to upgrade to the Wii U Virtual Console version.

Game Boy Advance games will include the usual suite of Wii U Virtual Console features, including off-TV play on the GamePad, save states, Miiverse communities, and customizable controls. Unfortunately, as expected, GBA games on the Wii U Virtual Console will not have multiplayer support - these are single-player games only!

Though it's anyone's guess as to when this will actually happen, Nintendo has also previously said that N64 and DS games are also on their way to the Wii U Virtual Console. Perhaps we will hear more about this at E3; we'll keep you updated when further news breaks!

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