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Game Boy 25th Anniversary: Drugs, Game Boys, and Pokemon

This is the box art for PY.
This is the box art for PY.
Nintendo, Game Freak

The first Game Boy this writer ever had was a Game Boy Pocket. It was about 1999, way past the portable’s main life. It wasn’t the most majestic piece of hardware, but there’s a story to that.

While the appeal of a portable gaming system was tempting, the original Game Boy was never that attractive. The Game Boy Color, however, piqued this boy’s curiosity. Not to mention the introduction of Pokémon during that time. Yes, ever since that fateful bus ride home when a friend handed over Pokémon Blue, well, it was love at first sight. Pokémon was already an established hit thanks to the toys, cards, and anime. Adding a video game to the mix was heaven. Sadly, coming from a poorer family, it was seemingly out of reach for what seemed liked centuries.

One year later, after many failed attempts to persuade family, a friend, let's call him Bubs, offered to sell his Game Boy Pocket with Pokémon Blue and Yellow for some cash. From savings, this writer had about $50 saved up toward buying a new Game Boy, which appeared to be enough for Bubs. Now it seems like the better end of the deal was good old Tristan right? Well there’s no twist here because that’s exactly who won. Still, one may be wondering a few things.

Let’s clear this up straight away: Bubs was into drugs. So one can do the math to figure out why he was pawning off his treasures so cheaply. They weren’t in the greatest condition either. The plastic protecting the screen had been removed along with the cover art for both games. Which is ok considering all three items still work.

To top this piece off, it wasn’t long before a somewhat shiny, used, green Game Boy Color, courtesy of a loving brother, replaced the GBP. Along with it, Final Fantasy Adventure. Yet those memories...are for another day. Needles to say this “drug deal” was the beginning of this writer’s fascination with portable games, Pokémon, and RPGs.