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Game Boy 25th Anniversary: 9 bizarre game hacks

This is the title screen for the Bombermon, Pokemon hack.
This is the title screen for the Bombermon, Pokemon hack.
Nintendo, Game Freak

Two of the most popular games on the Game Boy are Pokémon and Super Mario Land. It stands to reason that the mod and hacker communities would get behind these two giants to create some big changes. And yes, there are plenty. There is plenty of random garbage that is. Let’s sift through the wreckage and look at the best nine.

Mario Land Hacks: There are three noteworthy hacks to discuss and two of which link back to Pokémon. First, there's Optimus Prime, which changes Mario into the titular hero from Transformers. Music stays the same, as it does with all three hacks actually, but there are other sprite differences. Mushrooms are replaced with the All Spark and enemies resemble some form of mutated Decepticons. The great thing about this hack is driving around Optimus in his truck form and platforming through obstacles. It’s as weird as it sounds, but it’s probably worth more time than the new movie.

As for the aforementioned Pokémon hacks, one stars Ash while the other stars Pikachu. Again, music is the same, and there are sprite differences to the enemies and power-ups, but it all ultimately plays the same. They may not allude to much, but they are fun diversions nonetheless. Pokémon spin-offs have had a wide arrangement of different genres, but no side-scrolling platformers. What’s up with that?

Pokémon Hacks: As for Pokémon, well it got the sprite treatment as well. Hacks like Bomberman, Meowth, and Sonic replace the Pokémon trainer with everything else remaining the same. Oak's adventure is virtually the same except the rival is replaced with Giovanni so there are also some minor text differences as well but its still Pokémon.

The funniest hack among all of these is the Vietnamese version of Pokémon Crystal. The text was translated into Vietnamese then redone back into English making the text a garbage dump of hilarity. Is it racist, or just funny? Hard to say, but it won’t disappoint regardless.

Head on over to the accompanying YouTube Channel, ReActionExaminer, for a quick look at these hacks plus tons of other great videos.

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