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Game Boy 25th Anniversary: 4 rare and obscure Game Boy games

This is the box art for MGS.
This is the box art for MGS.
Konami, Nintendo

There are games this writer is ashamed of not playing on every console to have ever released. Everyone has his or her video game backlog, but for this budding historian, there's so much more to it. That’s why, to coincide with the Game Boy’s 25th Anniversary, this Examiner took a look at four obscure Game Boy games. Coincidentally, these four games are also some of the most rare games on the GB, or any console.

Kaeru no Tame ni Kane wa Naru: That title roughly translates to For the Frog the Bell Tolls. It's about two warriors on a quest to save the kingdom. Players star as the runt of the two. It’s sort of like Zelda when exploring the world. Fights on the other hand are more bizarre. Bumping into enemies will erupt into a cloud of dust just like a cartoon. It never came to the West, but thankfully fans have made an excellent translation patch for it.

Kid Dracula: Here's a bizarre little spinoff to Castlevania taking the evil Dracula and transforming him into a kid. Kid Dracula can shoot fireballs and even transform into a bat. It's cute, fairly easy, and fun for any age. It’s not exactly Castlevania, but that’s also a good thing. It also never got localized, but there’s not much text either.

Metal Gear Solid: With the title one may think it’s a port of the PS1 game, but it’s not. MGS is more along the lines of an alternate story that looks like the NES Metal Gear, but plays more closely to the PS1 game. In Japan it’s known as Ghost Babel, which is a far superior name and distinguishes it from the original MGS.

Shantae: This was one of the last GBC games to come out making it one of the hardest to find. To be blunt, not a lot of people played it because of this. It’s from WayForward, masters of pixel art. And unlike most of their games, which are licensed, this is an original creation. To sum it up, it’s a platformer with RPG elements starring a sexy young genie fighting pirates. It’s pretty rad just from the first level. For those that can find it, try it out!

Head on over to the accompanying YouTube Channel, ReActionExaminer, for a quick look on these four games plus tons of other great videos.

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