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Game and T.I. involved in brutal standoff with police

The MC's in less turbulent times
The MC's in less turbulent times

There are times when a situation is so STUPID, a freelance article contributor cannot find a pun to introduce his/her posting.

THIS is most definitely one of those times.

Both L.A.'s the Game and T.I. from Bankhead (that's in Atlanta, folks, FYI) need to be careful whom they let inside their entourage, or they'll end up with their names all over the internet in a negative light, just like what happened on the morning of April 30.

Both MC's, who have been known for hardcore gangster lyrics lacing infectious beats, were recently seen with their respective entourages outside of an L.A. nightclub, close to getting into it with the police, to say the least, according to TMZ.

Game, born Jayceon Terrell Taylor, and T.I., a.k.a T.I.P., born Clifford Joseph Harris, Jr. apparently were under the mistaken impression that the LAPD was behind a severe beating of two mutual friends of the two Grammy-winning MC's. What happened earlier, however, was something totally different.

Two affiliated men were upset about not being let into the club, the Supperclub (don't ask), when one of them threw a punch at security. Suffice it to say, all hell broke loose: both men were bum-rushed by the club security and whipped like government mules. One was kicked in the face during the beatdown. Lesson here, kiddies: do NOT try to fight security.

The MC's stormed out of the club, just as the fuzz showed up. They met with members of L.A.'s finest and accused them of giving their men the works.

The poor unfortunate pugilists in the MC's' circle of friends were taken in by LAPD's Hollywood division, but no charges were filed as of yet.

Regardless, this could yield repercussions for both men, legal or otherwise.

Columbia, SC, tell how you feel this could have been avoided.

No pun at the end, either. *smh*

'Nuff said.

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