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Gambling Gambino and Danny Glover

About six months ago I decided to watch Community and blankly stared at the "black guy" of the show and laughed endlessly. A blank stare because he seemed off and laughed because the show was hilarious..What isn't hilarious is that I saw a new album release for someone named Childish Gambino. I was looking for new music and decided to listen. As I examined the cover, I thought to myself this guy looks vaguely familiar. I got the googlin and long behold, Danny Glover is Childish Gambino. He had me fooled like Superman, but I must say I am impressed. The actor/comedian turned rapper recorded his second album Because of the Internet in Chris Bosh's basement (weird), but he is talented. He sings, plays piano and has a mean flow somewhat similar to Yeezus. Not only is he creative, he doesn't give a shit. Check him out! Not too many people can make you nod your head and laugh endlessly. Gambino also announced his world tour.


Because of the Internet is in stores now!