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Gambler sues casino: Mark Johnston says he was drunk and casino took advantage

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A gambler sues a casino because he claims that he lost his money while he was drunk. Mark Johnston, a 52-year-old businessman, is the drunk gambler who wants his money back. Johnson lost $500,000 on table games in Las Vegas, Nevada, during the Super Bowl weekend over a month ago, according to a WebProNews report on Thursday.

The southern California man is suing a casino named the Downtown Grand because it loaned him money and served him drinks when he was visibly intoxicated – so he asserts. Yet the law is on Johnston’s side, if he was drunk because Nevada’s state law asserts that casinos cannot continue to give money and drinks to patrons who are obviously drunk. Johnston claims he was quite drunk as he played blackjack and pai gow at the Downtown Grand Casino.

The casino says, however, that Johnston has been avoiding his gambling debts and the casino’s plan is to go after the money Johnston owes them.

There may be proof that Johnston was drunk, though. Of course, there are videos all over casinos which would have videoed Johnston. Additionally, there are witnesses to how Johnston was acting when he was at the casino.

The report says that Johnston arrived in Las Vegas on Thursday, January 30, and drank in the limo from the airport to the Downtown Grand casino. Then, he continued to drink as he had dinner with friends. When he went to the casino, in spite of the fact that he had blacked out, it is alleged that the casino kept giving him free drinks as he lost hundreds of thousands of dollars as he gambled.

He then slept on Saturday, and realized on Sunday – Super Bowl Sunday – that he lost that incredible amount of money.