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Gambler sues casino after losing $500,000 in drunken stupor: Law on his side?

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A gambler is suing a casino he frequents after losing half of a million dollars when he was drunk. Businessman Mark Johnson is a well-known customer at Vegas casinos and he is not one to drink to oblivion, according to “Fox and Friends” live on Thursday morning March 6.

Johnson lost over $500,000 at the Downtown Grand Casino in Las Vegas. With the laws in Vegas stating you can’t serve more alcohol to a gambler who is visibly drunk, he might have a case. While Johnson lost a fortune at the Black Jack table, the casino wait staff continued to feed him drinks, 14U reports on March 6.

His speech was slurred, he was seeing double and he also managed to loss a small fortune in that state of mind. When he sobered up, he realized that he lost that money while in a drunken stupor. The law is strict about folks who gamble in Vegas when it comes to giving them more alcohol, but it is unknown why this didn’t happen to this high-roller, as the drinks kept coming.

The casino honchos believe the fault lies with Johnson for losing all that money, not the casino. While they may believe that, the law seems to be on Johnson’s side. Johnson said he felt like he “had encountered a group of pick pockets,” after waking up with that much money gone.