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Gamble House

A golden piece of history stands tall in Westwood at 2918 Werk Road. This amazing house was built for James N. Gamble on his father's earlier dwelling dating back to 1875. James N. Gamble was one of the owners of the company known today as Procter and Gamble. This home is beautifully constructed at two and a half stories tall with an architectural style of Queen Anne style. The original lot measured out to 60 acres when the estate was first built. Gamble named the home Ratonagh after his hometown of Northern Ireland.

Gamble lived in the house until 1932 when he passed away. His daughter, Olivia lived in the home until the 1960's when she also passed away. The house was then transferred into the Louis Nippert's name who was the grandson of Gamble. By 2010, the home was reduced to 15 acres of land and had been subtracted into smaller homes. The owner now is Greenacres Foundation of Indian Hill decided that they were going to take bids to demolition this piece of history that helped build Cincinnati's history. Activists and historic preservationists came together after learning this in order to save the home. Now only you can help protect the house from being demolitioned. Please help preserve Cincinnati's historical buildings and landmarks from being destroyed because with each building and landmark that is destroyed a little piece of Cincinnati dies with it.

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