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Galveston oil spill threat: 50,000+ shorebirds in danger after oil spill in bay

A Galveston oil spill threat is consuming much of the Galveston Bay in Texas today after an accident in the Houston Ship Channel on March 22. According to USA Today, "a barge carrying nearly a million gallons of oil collided with a ship" on Saturday and the subsequent oil spill has caused a threat to some animals that live in the area.

"The Coast Guard didn't give an estimate of how much fuel had spilled into the bay, but there was a visible sheen of oil at the scene. Officials believe only one of the barge's tanks was breached, with a capacity of 168,000 gallons," reports USA Today.

The Galveston oil spill is a threat to a shorebird habitat in particular. It is said that 50,000 to 70,000 shorebirds are situated just east of the area. The birds migrate to the area each year around this time and they could be in immediate danger because of the oil that has coated the waters close by to where they are. Officials have set up a "safety zone" to keep the oil from spreading out further into the ocean but it's unknown whether or not the birds will be affected.

The oil has been described as "sticky, gooey, thick, tarry stuff" which isn't pleasant for any animal or any person left to clean it up.

More on the Galveston oil spill threat in the video above.

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