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Gallo is your green wine choice for Earth Day

Drink a "green" wine on Earth Day
Drink a "green" wine on Earth Day
Heather Imboden

Fortunately, global attitudes have become accustomed to finding ways to go green: recycling is a knee-jerk reaction now, reusable bags are no longer a nuisance but a must in many grocery stores, and green options in construction are becoming more affordable. We have leaps and bounds to go before we are free of many of our wasteful & destructive ways, but we are making progress. While everyday should be treated like Earth Day, this Earth Day, celebrate with any of the Gallo wines sold at Binny’s in McHenry or Lake Zurich.

Gallo wines have a rich history. The Gallo family story writes like a soap opera, with the original Italian immigrant couple being involved in a murder-suicide during Prohibition, lawsuits and counter suits between brothers over the family brand name and fortune, and the tragic death by car accident of brother Julio. But their wine-making practices have been at the forefront of the sustainable and organic wine movement.

Julio Gallo instituted a method called the 50/50 Give Back plan in Sonoma County, which later spread to all coastal vineyards in California. For every acre used for grape growing on the property, an acre is set aside for wildlife habitat protection. According to their website, “E. & J. Gallo Winery took the lead in drafting the Code of Sustainable Wine Growing Practices as part of a collaborative effort with the Wine Institute and the California Association of Wine Grape Growers.”

Initially known as a low quality, non vintage wine accessible to everyone, Julio and his brother Ernest quickly realized that having a more polished image could be more lucrative and respectable, and within a short time their image went under a complete overhaul. Now, with many of their wines still affordable (under $10), their name is synonymous with family tradition, innovation, "green" practices, and quality wines.

So pick up bottle of this super Earth-friendly brand of vino at Binny’s. For other ways to be a "green" wine drinker, click here.


  • Michael Olson 5 years ago

    Great article. I had the good fortune to visit the Gallo facilities this past August. They have alot of vineyard holdings.
    I was amazed at the history and the eco friendly practices.
    The even use Falcons to deter the birds that will feed on the fruit, instead of miles off plastic nettings.

    Michael... Binny's McHenry

  • Thomas 5 years ago

    Interesting info to know about the drama -- and selflessness -- concerning the Gallo family. Nice article!

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