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Gallia County dog wardens plead not guilty

Gallia County Animal Shelter
Gallia County Animal Shelter

Paul Simmers, Jean Daniels, and Jason Harris appeared in court Tuesday for arraignment hearings after they were charged with the inhumane deaths of 11 dogs at the Gallia County Animal Shelter.

They are facing multiple counts of second degree misdemeanor animal cruelty charges and entered not guilty pleas.

These charges stem from an earlier incident where 11 dogs were euthanized, using the suspected heart stick method, after being vaccinated and in the process of being adopted out by a local rescue group. An autopsy also showed trauma to the head of at least one dog. The charges came to light after the Ohio SPCA investigated the deaths. This method is cruel and causes unnecessary, excruciating pain and suffering to an animal.

If convicted Simmers could serve eight years in jail and have $24,000 in fines, Harris could service three years in jail and have $9,000 in fines, and Daniels could serve a little more than three years in jail and have $9,750 in fines.

Pre-trial hearings are set for April 1 for Harris and Simmers. Daniels hearing hasn't been scheduled yet.

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