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Gallery Spotlight: Fresno Art Hub

The city of Fresno seems to have an art gallery on the corner of every block. An art lovers' paradise. This can be an overwhelming amount to choose from in a short or busy visit. Taking and putting aside several days in your vacation for art can be a wise decision. One fine art gallery to choose from for the first day's visit is Fresno Art Hub.

Located in Fresno's Tower District, Fresno Art Hub features a variety of artists each with their own strengths in different medias. A large group of artists that live and breathe their art and unveil it in Fresno. Their medias range anywhere from oil paintings to sculptures and watercolors to pastels. What could possibly go together better? Picture it, walking down the street with the specific set up for attracting foot traffic and stopping into an art gallery. This art gallery being Fresno Art Hub. Inside you find some of the best insanely wonderful pieces and perhaps the one that respectfully commands a double take from any and all house guests. Or that one perfect table sculpture that will breathe some life into your office space. The possibilities are endless. So, let's begin the tour and find some art. Follow the walls deeper into the gallery, taking some time to stop and really admire what the artist has created. Color is everything in many of these works. The best art can successfully and flawlessly melt one color into the next. If you pay attention this fact alone can be impressive and thought provoking all in itself. Of course noticing any detail in these works of oil paintings, pastels, watercolors and any other artworks are quite impressive. Be sure not to get hopelessly lost in the pieces on the walls and meander over to the sculptures. Moving the mental details from color and landscapes over to shape, texture and perspective. Sculptures invoke a different way of thinking. Clay and metal pieces can go either very textured to perfectly smooth. Take into consideration what the subject matter is and then one can contemplate texture. Stone sculptures almost always finish with a smooth texture. Again its all about the subject matter that ultimately decides what the sculpture texture will be. Then again for the adventurous type of art lover stop stare and figure out your own personal reasons of contemplation. Branch out and live a little more on the original side of life.

Seriously, go visit the Fresno Art Hub located at 2005 N. Van Ness Blvd., Fresno. Art viewing times are from Tuesday through Saturday, 10 am to 5 pm. Go, admire and possibly purchase an original work of art, unless you buy a print of an original work. That is another topic to explore but that will be somewhere in the future. To keep from confusion, for now you are going into the city and enjoy the Fresno Art Hub gallery.

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