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Galerie Simard Bilodeau offers unique, provocative work at LA Art Show

2013 LA Art Show Exhibition by Galerie Simard Bilodeau
2013 LA Art Show Exhibition by Galerie Simard Bilodeau
Courtesy Galerie Simard Bilodeau

Galerie Simard Bilodeau will dazzle art collectors from around the world with its exhibition at the LA Art Show, January 15-19. For the first time ever in America, the artwork of Master Painter Saturno Butto will be unveiled.

Butto’s work exalts the human body in a provocative way by combining sensuality and spirituality. “It is quite normal for me to put purely erotic situations together with examples of devotional observance, like prayer figures, mystics or martyrs,” says Butto. Collectors can enjoy Butto’s art at Galerie Simard Bilodeau’s booth 128/229.

Gallery owners Eve-Marie Bilodeau and Guy Simard will also present the work of Master Artists Boban, Andre Desjardins, Larry Renzo Lewis and Ira Reines. Newly released bronze sculptures and original paintings by Renzo and Reines will be part of the exhibition.

In Renzo’s work, he expresses the human experience through symbolic, abstract and figurative expressionism. Reines’s delicate and intricately formed sculptures reflect a world of fantasy and mythology.

Galerie Simard Bilodeau is a leading fine art gallery with locations in Montreal, Canada and Laguna Beach, California. Bilodeau and Simard choose artists who share their vision that fine art has the power and responsibility to comment upon and improve the human condition.

“It is about the artist’s skills and credentials, and the aesthetics of the artwork,” says Simard, “but most of all, the reason to acquire fine artwork should be how it makes one feel inside, the way it nourishes one’s soul.”

Bilodeau and Simard assist art collectors worldwide in enriching their lives through art. “We should celebrate the art for the value it adds, in appreciating the connection through the creation,” says Bilodeau.


The public is invited to visit Galerie Simard Bilodeau in Laguna Beach, or to schedule a private tour of the gallery, please contact

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