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GalaxyFest hits home with favorite childhood stars

Kicking the year off right is the third annual GalaxyFest in Colorado Springs. Just to the south of Denver attendees gather to celebrate Sci-Fi, Steampunk, Anime, Fantasy, Zombies, and more with activities fun for all ages. Feb 21-23 at the Antlers Hilton in Colorado Springs. Celebrity guests bring back childhood memories with some great celebs such as Joyce DeWitt, Marta Kristen, Richard Herd, Paul Bradford, Beverly Washburn, Jon Provost, James Hampton, Mary Deese Hampton, and author Laurie Jacobson. There will be plenty of gaming, videos, cosplay, costume contest, panels and workshops, along with a huge vendor room. Bonus for the adult crowd are the 18+ AfterDark activities including Kilt Blowing to risqué round tables that will focus on more mature themes for the adults. GalaxyFest scored big this year with some amazing celebrity guests that will bring attendees back to their childhood.

GalaxyFest hits home with favorite childhood stars
Getty Photos and GalaxyFest

Joyce DeWitt best known as the lovable Janet Wood from this hit series Three's Company, this adorable actress grew up in Indiana and made herself a household name. She has been keeping busy with her latest film to come out this year called Rock Story.

Marta Kristen who is best-known as Judy Robinson, the older daughter on Lost in Space, is on the long list of guests for GalaxyFest. Born in Oslo, Norway she was brought to America by adopted parents and grew up in Los Angeles. Still gorgeous today she has was recently in the 1998 remake of Lost in Space, and the animated short The Bolt Who Screwed Christmas along with Lost in Space alumn.

Ghost Hunters International's Paul Bradford will no doubt be a favorite at GalaxyFest. Born and raised in Britain, Paul’s interests in the Paranormal came from his love of science fiction. He grew up on shows such as Dr Who, Stargate, and the X Files and is well known as one of the paranormal investigators on Ghost Hunters.

Richard Herd is best known from his role as the leader of the visitors on V and V: The Final Battle. He also played Admiral Paris on Star Trek: Voyager, and will reprise the roll on the upcoming Star Trek: Renegades. Although known to the sci-fi community, Herd has a mile long filmography and is constantly busy with film and TV projects.

Beverly Washburn has enjoyed roles in Walt Disney’s Old Yeller, and the cult classic film Spider Baby. She is best known as Lt. Arlene Galway on Star Trek TOS in the episode entitled The Deadly Years. Her latest project coming out this year is a comedy film called Unbelievable!!!!! which stars a famous line of Star Trek alumn.

Mary Deese Hampton’s latest project was the TNT series Dallas. In addition, Mari recently appeared in the role of “Judge Wong” in the ABC series The Deep End and as “Harold’s Mom, Mrs. Lee” in the hilarious feature film Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay. Her latest project is the upcoming film called Big Stone Gap.

Laurie Jacobson who is a celebrated Hollywood author. Her titles include Hollywood Haunted, and Timmy’s in the Well – The Jon Provost Story. Guests will get the chance to meet Jacobson in person.

Jon Provost is best known as Lassie's original Timmy and will forever be associated that iconic TV collie. Provost is actually a veteran performer before he even made his splash on TV. L.A. born and raised, his latest film was Susie's Hope.

James Hampton is best known for his roles in F Troop, Teen Wolf, and Sling Blade. Currently in two films Big Stone Gap and Flutter.

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