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GalaxyFest brings serious fun to Colorado Springs geeks

GalaxyFest brings serious fun to Colorado Springs geeks
GalaxyFest brings serious fun to Colorado Springs geeksGalaxyFest

Colorado geeks are counting down to the big GalaxyFest convention that will take place in just one week. Geeks from all over the Rocky Mountain region will celebrate Sci-Fi, Steampunk, Anime, Fantasy, and Zombies Feb 21-23 at the Antlers Hilton in Colorado Springs. Kicking things off Friday will be a zombie crawl and zombie costume contest. Arrive early for the fun around 3:00 to get zombiefied and get ready for the big crawl that will start at 4pm. The costume contest will take place from 6-7pm and the Umbrella Corp Denver will be there to protect attendees from those deadly zombies. Also taking place Friday will be a showing of the popular cult film Big Trouble in Little China hosted by I Hate Peacocks from 4-6pm. This is just the beginning.

Along with constant activities for all ages, attendees will get to relieve their childhood and pop culture memories by getting to know celebrity guests such as Richard Herd, Joyce DeWitt, Marta Kristen, Paul Bradford, Beverly Washburn, Jon Provost, James Hampton, Mary Deese Hampton, Laurie Jacobson, and AZ Powergirl Cara Nicole.

Attention fellow Questerians there will be a showing of Galaxy Quest Sunday from 2-4 pm. Join the crew of the N.S.E.A. Protector for a wild ride that inspired the convention’s name. No doubt a big favorite at the con will be How to Be a Doctor Who Companion which takes place Sat at 6:00pm. Those who think they are a qualified Whovian may still benefit from learning what it takes to be a Doctor Who Companion. Join the Timey-Wimey Blue Box‘s Doctor Who experts and learn all about the 50 years of Doctor Who companions. GalaxyFest tickets are still available for purchase.