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Galaxy Tab 2 review

Recently I renewed my cell phone contract and was offered a Galaxy Tab at a very reduced price as part of the perks for renewing. I have had an iPad for a while and love it but thought I couldn't resist the savings on another tech toy. Now moving from an iPhone and iPad to a Galaxy S4 and a Galaxy Tab was a bit of a challenge. There were different setting screens and opening and closing apps also seemed a little alien for the first couple of days. Now that I have used them both for months now it is safe to say I wont go back to Apple products.

The good:

  • The Galaxy Tab is the same size as my iPad and fits in the bag I already had for my iPad
  • it has an expansion slot that I have already filled with a 16gb SD card
  • most of the apps I use on a daily basis are free, I have paid copies on my iPad
  • dual cameras
  • forward facing speakers, this is a huge one as I am a music lover
  • Great battery life

The bad:

  • my biggest drawback is it is not as responsive as the iPad is (but not by much)
  • finding a case made just for it at local retailers has proved challenging
  • navigating the mountain of pre-installed apps could be overwelming
  • there is a lot of setup on each app as you use it the first time
  • some of the wording in the Terms and Agreements are a little scary: accessing my text, and calls

The overall:

  • Once you take the few days to play with it, you will love Galaxy Tab
  • similar app and the SameSync app that copies all of your stuff from your iPhone or iPad to the new phone and tablet make the transition a lot easier
  • the price is much cheaper than an iPad even if it were not part of a bargain deal for my contract renewal
  • I highly recommend
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