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Galaxy S5 fingerprint reader confirmed; device details continue to leak

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If you had thought that Samsung would not respond to the iPhone 5s' Touch ID fingerprint sensor, you would have been among the few. On Monday, SamMobile confirmed the sensor exists on the Korean giant's new upcoming flagship phone, the Galaxy S5.

Just as with the iPhone 5s, the GS5 sensor is built into the device's Home button. Since Samsung's Home buttons run thin and horizontal, there's no way to simply press your thumb against the button and have it recognize your fingerprint. Instead, you need to swipe your finger, from base to tip, across the button.

You can register a total of eight fingerprints; each one can be assigned a different task or be used as an app shortcut. However, at least one fingerprint must be used to unlock the device (go figure). Per the report, Samsung has integrated the functionality throughout the GS5's version of Android, including verifying your Samsung account and being able to sign into different websites.

It's unclear exactly which browser that would work on, though. We have access to a prototype GS5 but were unable to use that fingerprint functionality in either Chrome or the standard browser. It was, however, a very early ROM.

This functionality, of course, is Samsung's own implementation on top of Google's stock Android.

In addition to the fingerprint reader information, other details about the GS5 continue to leak. Other leaked information includes the new device sporting a minimally expanded screen -- moving up from 5-inches on the Galaxy S4 to 5.2 inches on the GS5 (which, based on measurements of a prototype, make sense). In addition, the device is said to sport a 16-megapixel rear-facing camera.

In addition, it's said the device will have 3GB of RAM.

With Samsung set to unveil the device at Mobile World Congress on Feb. 24, these will probably continue in a controlled format. Samsung's even has been dubbed Unpacked 5.


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