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Gal Gadot signed for three Wonder Woman appearances

In a recent Israeli television interview, Gal Gadot spoke to interviewers about her contract and salary, a rarity in the secrecy that usually centers itself around actors actually talking about money. But, the real news for fans was the news that she has signed a contract for not one but three Wonder Woman appearances.

Gal Gadot signed for three Wonder Woman appearances
Photo by Neilson Barnard/Getty Images for Jaguar

We know that she is set to start filming in May in the "Batman vs. Superman" movie that was set to premiere in July 2015 but has now been moved up to May 2016. She stated that this would be a small role and that she will be recieving $300,000 for that appearance.

Gadot also mentioned that the other two appearances were not confirmed but most assume the second would be the "Justice League" movie set to premiere in 2017. But, many fans are hoping that the third movie would be a solo "Wonder Woman" movie but it could simply be a "Justice League" sequel movie.

Nothing has been confirmed as of now but it is good news that we will finally see Wonder Woman on the big screen. It has been a long time coming.

Please see the video at the top of this article for the interview.

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