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Gal Gadot confirmed to appear in 3 movies as Diana Prince/Wonder Woman

Gal Gadot signed on for 3 movies with Warner Bros.
Gal Gadot signed on for 3 movies with Warner Bros.
Courtesy of strikes again with more Gal Gadot, aka Wonder Woman, news from Israel.

Once again, Gadot spoke with Good Evening with Gai Pines, the top entertainment show in Israel, and according to their interview she is signed on to appear in at least 3 Warner Bros movies as the Amazonian Princess. The confirmation comes as no surprise since there are already two movies in the works: Batman vs Superman will begin filming production, then followed by Justice League, therefore the third movie could be a Wonder Woman solo film. In addition, Gadot said she will be making $300,000 for Batman vs Superman, and filming would resume in May.

Last week, it was reported Batman vs Superman would be pushed back to 2016 due to Ben Affleck's reported injury while filming, and to allow producers more time to make the film right. The movie's delay has raised even more rumors that Batman vs Superman is the Justice League movie.

With the success of Arrow and the upcoming Flash tv series it is never too late to incorporate DC's television properties into the Man of Steel movie universe. And last month Dwayne Johnson mentioned he is talking with Warner Bros to appear in a DC movie. Given all this information and DC's current success in television and film anything can happen. All we can do is be patient and wait to learn more directly from Warner Bros studios.

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