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Gaining Weight After Marriage

Who thought that after practically starving yourself and analyzing everything you ate before your wedding, that you’d let it go to hell after you got married? The whole “freshman fifteen” thing was bad enough in college but nothing prepared you for the weight you gained after your wedding.

Take out again?
Suat Eman

It started on the honeymoon right? Ah, a nice relaxing beach or resort somewhere with fabulous buffets. You earned it right? You’d been so good for so long after all! You would eat anything you wanted and enjoy your vacation. But then after you got home you had acquired a taste for that rich and delicious food you had indulged in. You meant to get back on track but before long, 5 pounds creeped on. No big deal right? What’s 5 pounds! But then it turned into 10 and then 15 and so on…

How could you and your spouse let this happen? Are you that lazy and comfortable with each other now? Well yes, yes you are but you also just got busy with life. It happens. You don’t have to fit in that wedding dress or tux anymore and you lose focus. Things get busy around you. Now instead of planning your wedding, you’re planning your household and your life. There’s work and school and kids and on and on and on. We try to simplify things and unfortunately, we do it with a fast food drive thru, Chinese take out or pizza delivery.

So what now? Well Nashville newlyweds, you’ve got to commit to getting healthy again! Not just thin…but healthy. Set realistic goals and make better meal choices. You have to make it a lifestyle, not a 6 week fad diet if you want it to last. And make a vow to lose the weight with your spouse. You put it on together so help each other take it off too. Encourage each other and you’ll get there!! Good luck Newlyweds and let me know how you’re doing!!

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