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You’ve likely asked yourself, “What is she really thinking about me?” after a date, or soon after you’ve finished talking with a female you’ve found at your favorite bar. Though we can’t literally leap into the minds of the women we’re attracted to Sam Beckett style, here are some next best alternatives to help you answer this question.


Romantic Comedies…
We call them chick flicks, but watching such films that fall into this genre are a great avenue for you to access the thoughts of what females find attractive in males. A good starting point for you would be a 2000 release aptly titled What Women Want, where the lead character played by Mel Gibson gains the ability to hear what the ladies are really thinking about him.


Sex and the City Reruns…

The long running series carries the added bonus of advice of how women see the same sexually charged subjects that us guys commonly chat about between weight sets at the gym. Paying attention to the speaking of Sarah Jessica Parker and comments of Kim Cattrall can help you gain information into why your girlfriend thinks entirely different about wake up sex, or help you understand why she makes a mountain out of a habit you see as a molehill.


The Lifetime Network…

Sure some of their movies may be man bashing, casting us as senseless, evil villains. If you don’t take this view toward the male species to heart, programs on this network for women not only become bearable, but also a gold mine of information into how the opposite sex lives, acts, and thinks. An added value comes in the form of bonus points with your girlfriend if she’s already an avid Lifetime watcher.


Cosmopolitan Magazine…

This publication is your guide to the female perspective on relationship issues and the certain qualities in men that women find interesting or unattractive. Reading doesn’t require a subscription and a year-long commitment to Cosmopolitan. If your girl’s a regular reader, you have easy access to some insider information provided by Cosmo, which you can also find in the magazine stand while waiting in the checkout at Tops or Wegmans.





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