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Gain lower back strength with these exercises

If your lower back is chronically sore or fatigues easily you might be suffering from weak lower back muscles. Strengthening the lower back muscles will help to support the entire core, allow you to move more efficiently, and relieve pain. The lower back is a sensitive area for many people, so it should be strengthened yet not overworked.

Perform these lower back exercises three times per week to achieve maximum results:

Bridge - Lie flat on the back and bend the knees so the feet are flat on the floor. Raise the hips up off the floor as high as is comfortable. Keep the knees pressing in toward each other and the thighs parallel. Hold for ten seconds. Lower in a controlled manner and repeat ten times.

Superman - Lie flat on the stomach and extend the arms overhead. Raise the arms and legs off the floor as high as is comfortable. Hold for thirty seconds. For a variation on this exercise try holding the opposite arm and leg off the floor for thirty seconds, and repeat on the other side.

Arm/Leg Pulse - Start on the hands and knees. Extend one arm and the opposite leg. Pulse up and down fifteen times in a slow controlled motion. Repeat on the opposite side.

Begin with two sets of each exercise and gradually build up to three sets. Remember to gently stretch the lower back after performing these exercises. In three to four weeks notice any change in pain level or strength in the lower back muscles.

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