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Gai Scott denied bail in shooting his uncle, Benzino

Wicked Local Randolph, April 2, 2014, reports that Gai Scott was denied bail. Gai Scott attempted to shoot and kill his uncle Benzino, star of VH1 “Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta” while they were driving in a funeral procession for Benzino’s mother.

MIAMI - OCTOBER 13: Rapper Benzino arrives at The Source Hip-Hop Music Awards 2003 at the Miami Arena on October 13, 2003 in Miami, Florida. The show will air on the BET network on November 11, 2003 at 8:00 p.m.
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On Monday, Gai entered a not guilty plea to charges of armed assault with intent to murder in the Plymouth District Court on April 2. He contends that he is afraid of Benzino, whose real name is Raymond E. Scott, and that Benzino has threatened to kill him. Gai’s lawyer, Jon Ciraulo of Quincy said that his actions were in self-defense and that he cooperated with police. According to Jon, Gai stopped and told the police, “I’m the shooter.”

The prosecutor said that Gai endangered people and police.

Jon made the request of Judge Thomas Kirkland to set the bail at $35,000 cash, equip Gai with a GPS monitoring, along with several other conditions. However, the judge denied the request.

Gai allegedly had in his possession a 9 mm Walther pistol and a .45 caliber gun. He allegedly emptied both into Benzino’s SUV. He managed to wound his uncle in the arm, while another bullet grazed his back. He reloaded the 9 mm pistol with another magazine, but there are no reports on whether he fired any bullets from it or not.

Gai insists that Benzino pulled up beside him during the procession and asked what his problem was. Gai then said that Benzino reached down and pulled out a gun.

So far, no evidence has surfaced proving that Benzino was armed at the time. In an interview, Benzino, he said that he wanted to avoid the funeral because of family problems over money. He just happened along the funeral procession that day.

Benzino was released from the hospital on Monday.

Gai next probable cause hearing is set for April 25.

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