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Gafsa Beach appears in the middle of nowhere but could be radioactive

A new lake has just appeared out of nowhere. Most people would think this was pretty cool and tourists are actually going there to check it out. You might not want to plan your next vacation around this lake though. On Sunday, IB Times shared how this lake called Gafsa Beach might be dangerous and somewhere you don't want to take the family.

This beach is in Tunisia and everyone is flocking there to cool off. They are going through a heat wave and they feel like it is the perfect break, but it is probably not the best idea. Officials are saying that this water is not safe for them to be in at all. Right now they are still testing the water to make sure and if it is found not safe they will then make precautions so people won't go there anymore.

This is a huge mining area of phosphate. When you mine phosphate, it releases Selenium toxicity. This is not safe for wildlife at all and it could be harmful to people as well. Birds and fish have become deformed and even lost body parts from being around this and people have had problems as well.

It can cause garlic odour on the breath, gastrointestinal disorders, hair loss and neurological damage. Death can also occur from being around Selenium toxicity. You should stay out of it.

A man named Mehdi Bilel shared that he found the lake. He said, "After several long hours on the road without a break, I honestly thought I was hallucinating. I don't know much about science and thought it was magic, something supernatural." At this time, experts are saying that people should stay out of the water at Gafsa Beach until more information comes out.

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