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Gabrielle Union was a real-life mean girl

Sixth annual Black Women in Hollywood Awards
Huffington Post

Actress and former model Gabrielle Union admits “I took joy in their pain and tap danced on their misery” in a recent interview with ABC News correspondent Linsey Davis featured on Good Morning America (GMA), June 25, 2013. This admission led to the logical but sometimes rejected next step. Union changed her ways and gives credit to her fitness trainer and life coach, A. J. Johnson for her new attitude. Oprah Winfrey was so inspired by Union’s story that she is airing a special Sunday on OWN-Black Women in Hollywood-to address issues facing black actresses.

Something that jumps out in Union’s confession is the realization that although we cannot change any one else or how he or she thinks, we can change, correct, and mold-ourselves. Union's transformation illuminates a valued and often overlooked character trait, humility.

While humility is seen as a virtue in a religious context, many are still confused as to its true meaning and significance. According to Webster’s dictionary, in theology humility consists of lowliness of mind; a deep sense of one’s own unworthiness in the sight of God, self-abasement, penitence of sin and submission to the divine will.

Well jump over most of Webster’s definition to the very end. Humility is best described as submission to God’s divine will. True humility will prepare you for realization of what God’s will is for you. The point is to get rid of self-will which only contributes to anxieties and troubles. Gabrielle Union appears to be on such a path.

Instead of thinking of oneself as lowly and sinful, you can become strengthened, graceful, and a dignified loving person by allowing God (Higher Power) to take over that self-will and finally allowing God to be in charge. And when the time comes, God will “lift you up in honor.”


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