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Gabrielle Faust - Eternal Vigilance author


  • LindyB 5 years ago

    Great interview! I've never read the Eternal Vigilance Books, but they are definitely going on my list. I love what Ms. Faust said about Kyle Schmid and his acting abilities. It would be wonderful if he got the chance to play Tynan.

  • Sonika E 5 years ago

    Great interview Raelynn & kudos to Gabrielle on all successes thus far.
    It is very inspiring to read how Gabrielle went in pursuit of her passion of becoming a novelist, even after many yrs. And that is some great advise regarding the pursuit of publishing & poetry.
    I've been a fan/ follower of Faust for a bit now & recently purchased a copy of Bk 1 of Eternal Vigilance, which I'm looking fwd to start reading, the description of a post-apocalyptic vampire saga definitely has me intrigued.
    As a fellow vampirephile & Kyle Schmid fan, I would definitely toss my hat in for Kyle as Tynan & I say this objectively (not just as a fan of Kyle's a/o Fausts').
    Kyle, as most/all of us who are fans of his, have come to discover, truly has that (rare?) quality, to "become" or "inhabit" his characters & deliver to a "T" to the point where as Faust says, "as if he has been that person in real life".
    Here's hoping that EV would indeed see the light (or night) of a cinema screen.
    Thank you,

  • Karen 5 years ago

    I have to agree that Kyle Schmid would be a great Tynan! I honestly wasn't sure who he was, but after a google image search, I say YES!

  • maggiemay 5 years ago

    Great to find out Gabrielle's background. What a fantastic background to draw from. And I'm sure the writers out there truly appreciate her advice. She really needs to thank her friend for introducing her to Blood Ties. I'm sure that Kyle's fans would love to see him in the role of Tynan.

    Note to Karen: Rent or buy Blood Ties as you really haven't seen anything yet as far as Kyle is concerned. His looks are only part of the total package-he can act up a storm. A couple of the best episodes to watch would be Heart of Ice and Heart of Fire. They really showcase his acting talent.

    I've only begun to read the first book of Eternal Vigilance but I have to say that Kyle Schmid would be a perfect fit for the role of Tynan. When he was only 22 he managed to make us all believe that he was a 450 year old vampire so I have no doubt that he could take this role and do it the same justice as he did with Henry Fitzroy.

    Good luck to Gabrielle on obtaining

  • Andrea-Memphis Rock Music Examiner 5 years ago

    Wow, great article, Raelynn! You've inspired me to begin reading the books!

  • MemphisVampireExaminer 5 years ago

    The books are next on my reading list too Andrea. :)

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