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Gabriele Ciampi, The Minimalist Movement With Maximum Impact

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Traveling entices me… and being made to travel with my imagination by simply closing my eyes and listening, thrills me to the point of submission. Such was my experience this past week at Gabriele Ciampi’s minimalist style concert featuring CentOrchestra in Los Angeles.

The highly anticipated event took place at the Italian Cultural Institute of Los Angeles with its 100-seat theater filled to capacity. Some audience members were so close to the stage they could have themselves been considered part of the act.

Maestro Gabriele Ciampi has a way with the baton. Musical notes danced in my head and lulled me into their melody. He masterfully moved the audience at his whim, toying with their emotions as he guided us into his realm of melodic masterpiece.

10347234_657920224285740_197376859013653781_nIt’s always gratifying when an event lives up to expectations. Words on this page can’t describe the beauty of the night’s music, so I beseech you to bring the Maestro into your homes, via his CD, and immerse yourself in his music. You will not regret it. Personally, I am looking forward to a night in with Gabriele’s Untouched Melody, In Memory of Neil Armstrong.

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