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Gabriel Johnson, in Nashville alive?

TEMPE, Ariz. -- Tempe investigators said they have gotten several tips about Gabriel Johnson from an unusual place -- Nashville, Tenn.

According to those who know her, Elizabeth Johnson has never been to Nashville. She has no contacts there. But Tammi Peter Smith does. That's where she opened her first Healing Waters clinic back in 2004.

Tempe police said they are taking the connection seriously, naming the Smiths as persons of interest in the case.

"There would be nothing that they could charge us with because we have done nothing, we've done everything that the police have asked us," Tammi Peter Smith said.

Tammi and Jack Smith said their only priority is the safe return of 8-month-old Gabriel, and said it was Elizabeth who was driving the adoption plans. Not them.

"We did not do the adoption papers like she wanted. She wanted to keep pushing it along, pushing it along," Tammi Smith said.

But the baby's father, Logan McQueary, remembers differently. He said the Smiths pressured him after Gabriel disappeared.

An eerily similar story has emerged.

"I think what they've done is wrong. They've manipulated the system and lied and I wouldn't mind seeing them face charges," said Jack Smith's stepson, Travis Andrews Warford.

For more info: If you or someone you know in the Huntsville, Alabama area needs help please visit, Family Services Center, 600 St. Claire Ave., Huntsville, AL. Phone (256) 551-1610. To report child abuse, sexual abuse or neglect please contact Department of Human Resources (256) 535-4500 , Huntsville Police Department (256) 722-7100. Crisis Services of North Alabama. Source: KPHO News


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