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Gabriel Iglesias offers up big laughs: 3 ways to introduce ‘Fluffy’ to friends

Gabriel Iglesias offers some great laughs
Gabriel Iglesias offers some great laughs
Gabriel Iglesias/Fluffy

Gabriel “Fluffy” Iglesias might be one of America's best comedians currently on the circuit. Funny, full of wit and willing to perform night after night, the hardworking entertainer offers fans a night of entertainment that can't be beat. Fans in the San Jose area are looking at a two-night Fluffy extravaganza. According to the San Jose Mercury News on Tuesday, the comedian is bringing his show to the area this week.

In Southern California Gabriel Iglesias is really quite popular. Fans in Los Angeles, Hollywood and San Diego adore Fluffy because he is so funny. Cracking jokes about his friends, family and even his trips, he has got some hilarious material. His best comedy work? When Gabriel mocks himself. Or maybe it is when he does his road trip noises? Or both.

Fans of Fluffy are always looking to spread the comedian’s humor to the masses. Wanting to share the laughs with friends, family, acquaintances, rocket scientists and anyone else needing a good laugh. Looking for a few quick ways to introduce this humorous guy to pals? Well, it's not too terribly hard.

For those folks who are savvy to video, subscribing to Fluffy’s YouTube and getting his videos regularly is a perfect way to see some of the funniest material online. The short clips are hilarious, usually reflecting on his live performances and perfect for showing coworkers over lunch. Or breaks. Or whenever the boss is on the phone.

Watch for Gabriel Iglesias on Comedy Central. The comedy specials are seen every so often and they are worth watching for a good laugh. There are few comedians like Fluffy that can deliver a laugh on every special so it doesn't matter which show. Just sit down and watch.

The obvious way to get the best laugh from Fluffy is to check out his stand up show as he travels around the USA and take a friend or two. After hearing him live, you might be surprised at how talented this guy is and your friends will be impressed that you know your comedy.

In Los Angeles, whenever Fuffy comes to town, it’s hard to get tickets because he is so well liked. Not only do people plan their day around his performance, they try to bring as many people as possible for a night full of laughs. Fluffy is also getting so popular around the USA, so consider picking up a few tickets for a good laugh next time Fluffy comes to town! And let your friends know too because everyone deserves to hear Fluffy's comedy. Yes, everybody!

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