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Gabby Karan and Gianpaolo DeFelice grace Hamptons magazine cover

Gabby Karan and Gianpaolo DeFelice grace Hamptons magazine cover
Russell James - used with permission

Today Examiner received an exclusive preview of the upcoming issue of Hamptons magazine featuring Gabby Karan DeFelice and Gianpaolo DeFelice on the cover. Readers get a glimpse into a personal conversation between renowned designer Donna Karan and her dedicated daughter Gabby. The Karan family discusses the balance of work and family, childhood memories and what it is like to live next door to mom.

Donna notes the good and bad news of having her as a mother is her daughter likes cashmere and orchids more than she would like her to. Gabby started stealing her mother's clothes when she was young and even donned some of them at school. Gabby fondly remembers those moments then admits she doesn't spend money on clothes anymore. Now she spends her money on items such as art, furniture and tables.

Gabby reveals Gianpaolo was the reason she got into the restaurant business. Her husband wanted a place to hang out in the Hamptons as well as a place to spend his summers in Italy on his boat. She decided to create that feeling in New York by bringing his old wooden boat from childhood here and opening up a restaurant. Gabby says, “It works because he does his part and I do mine.”

Donna observes Gabby handles the décor and Gianpaolo attracts the people “because he's so handsome.” She recognizes the parallels between her late husband, Stephan Weiss, and Gabby's husband. Donna reflects, “They both have the warmth, the personality, the smile. Everyone gravitates toward them.”

Gabby states Gianpaolo, who is in aviation and the hospitality business, is a social person who is genuinely interested in everyone. While Gabby might not leave home or open new restaurants, he spreads out and pushes her forward.

Currently the golden coupon has a Southampton restaurant and one in Tribeca with plans for an inn. Gabby comments, “Yes when Gianpaolo and our partners saw how successful Tutto II Giorno was, they wanted to open another one in Southampton. He also found the charming hotel in Bridgehampton, which originally became our next project. We’re still working on permits with the zoning board, but the idea is to have a luxurious 12-room inn with juicing, wellness, and spa treatments.”

Donna and Gabby also dish about her beach home next door to mom. The builder was Larry Kane and the house was built to look like Parrot Cay. Donna feels it is nicer than her own home and “really perfection.” Gabby admits, “The story goes he did Bobby Flay's house in nine months and did ours in three years.” Gabby indicates guests must take off their shoes to enter and Gianpaolo says the house is like a showroom. There is a mudroom for the shoes and the kids can't bring their toys past the second floor.

The latest issue of Hamptons magazine will become available on newsstands this weekend. To find out more about the Hamptons adventures of Gabby Karan and Gianpaolo DeFelice, pick up the upcoming issue or visit Hamptons magazine online.

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