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Gabby Douglas: USA gold and the Egg McMuffin

Little Gabby Douglas did a hellofa job at the Olympics in London. Her Gold Medal winning performance was fantastic. She is young and charming and I hope she finds success in the world beyond the Olympics.

Great Performance
Gabby Douglas

She was great on the Jay Leno Show. She cheerfully recounted her Olympic victory and how she celebrated, by eating a McDonald's Egg McMuffin. It was a great moment, but it was just that, a moment.

For Gabby was interrupted by Michelle Obama, who just had to inject herself into Gabby's moment by admonishing her for the Egg McMuffin comment.

Think of the contrast.

Gabby Douglas had to work and work hard just to get to the Olympics. She endured tears, sweat and probably some blood. She was filled with contradicting emotions running the gamut from self doubt to fear to exhilaration in victory. A great story.

And then there is Madame Déficit, who I doubt had to work very hard at any time in her life. Yeah, she had a law license, once, and lost it. I am not even sure she earned that law degree. She should have just shut up and not horned in another's accomplishments just to promote her personal brand of sanctimony.

On the other hand, I have no doubt that Gabby Douglas earned her place on the US Olympic Team as well as the Gold Medal she won.

Now, I've been waiting for a couple of weeks for a particular announcement, but so far nothing.

So, here is my suggestion;

McDonald's should hire Gabby Douglas and give her a million bucks for holding an Egg McMuffin and telling how she celebrated her victory by eating one. And while she is standing there holding the sandwich with her name at the bottom of the frame, her last name Douglas, scrambles to form the words USA GOLD.

With her Olympic achievements, probable future Olympic victories and her popularity she can earn financial security for herself and her family.

Gabby's story is a metaphor for America. And, it is a good lesson for so many in our country who don't seem to understand, or were never taught; If you work hard, you can achieve. That is how America was built into the greatest nation on earth. And, that's how Gabby Douglas made it, too.

Good luck, Gabby!


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