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2014 Winter Olympics

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Gabby Douglas reveals struggle on Lifetime Movie: ‘The Gabby Douglas Story’

Gabby Douglas has a new Lifetime Movie: ‘The Gabby Douglas Story’
Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Gabby Douglas didn't have an easy road to the London Olympics. Her struggle and determination gave her the strength to win the Olympic gold. The story of Gabby Douglas is one of inspiration and now the world will get the chance to what she sacrificed to make her dream come true on Saturday night. Standing at the London Olympics, the star obviously has confidence and wanted to make her mark in the Olympic sport in the process she became a role model. On Thursday Gabby Douglas discussed on the Today show the focus of her upcoming movie The Gabby Douglas Story that will be seen on Lifetime.

“Me and my mom kept involved. They would send up like, girls, they wanted to play us and they brought us Regina. And we were like yes, yes, yes, Regina,” said Gabby Douglas on the Today show. The star was referencing Regina King who plays the Olympian’s mother in the movie

The Gabby Douglas Story deals with the issues of the athlete before she won the gold. From homelessness to living in Iowa alone, Gabby offers a glimpse at her life. Douglas also reveals that she trained with a coach that was miles away from her family and continued her quest even though there were obstacles. Her journey has made her a role model to other young woman.

The Gabby Douglas Story gives viewers a chance to appreciate Gabby’s journey and be inspired. The gold medal winner didn't stand on the podium overnight and this story shares how it all came about.

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