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Ga Rep. Tom Price's remarks on FY2015 Ryan budget

U.S. Rep. Tom Price (R-Ga) made a statement today at the House Budget Committee markup on the committee's FY2015 budget proposal, where he promoted the Republican budget calling it "a path to prosperity for all."

Price, who is the vice-chairman of the committee, said that the President and his party's budget proposals of increased spending and higher taxes will do nothing to improve the fiscal and economic situation in the country.

"Clearly the American people know that the path that we're on won't work. The economy is not thriving, record deficits continue, and the mantra of division (…) continues," said Price. "The other side seems to be happy with the doldrums in the economic environment: fewer Americans are working, fewer success stories, more jobs leaving America, higher taxes, borrowing more money from foreign countries, compromising opportunities for future generations."

The Georgia congressman contrasted the Democrats' plans with the Republican option, penned by Wisconsin Republican and committee chairman Paul Ryan, that cuts Medicare and food stamp programs, ends government ownership of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, increases defense spending, and repeals President's signature health care law.

"We believe there's a better way, real solutions and that's our budget: a responsible, balanced budget - a path to prosperity for all," said Price. "The chairman mentioned increasing spending for defense and national security. This is a dangerous world, getting more dangerous by the day, we account for that in our budget. The president, irresponsibly, seems to bury his head in the sand."

"As a physician, I recognize that health care is in upheaval. Doctors are leaving their practices, seniors are losing their doctors - our budget positively addresses these issues. We save and strengthen and secure Medicare. How? By positive reform, more choices, putting patients at the center not government. In fact, the congressional budget office (…) shows that our solution (…) saves money for both seniors and the government. "

The Ryan budget is expected to pass along the party lines, with all Democrats in the House set to vote against it. That means that Republicans need all but 16 of their members to vote for the budget to pass it.

Price represents Georgia's sixth congressional district.

Click here to view Rep. Price's full statement on the Ryan Budget.

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