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Ga Rep. Paul Broun votes against latest GOP Obamacare fix

U.S. Rep. Paul Broun (R-Ga) voted against the latest Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) fix – the SIMPLE Fairness Act, presented by Republicans, which would delay the individual mandate for one year.

Broun was the only Republican in the House of Representatives to vote against H.R. 4118, which passed today 250-160 with 27 Democrats voting for it.

"Once again, we see leadership attempting to fix a disastrous law that simply cannot be fixed. Obamacare is broken beyond the point of repair – and the only true fix is a swift, full, repeal," said Broun in a statement. "For this reason, I will oppose H.R. 4118 and instead, work to pass a common-sense replacement bill such as my Patient OPTION Act."

The White House announced that the President would veto the measure.

The individual mandate in Obamacare requires a penalty fee from Americans who don't purchase health insurance this year.

Broun, who currently represents Georgia's 10th congressional district, is one of seven Republican candidates in the U.S. Senate race this year in Georgia. He has positioned himself as the most conservative out of the group.

Click here to read the entire statement from Rep. Broun.

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