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GA Governor Deal addresses gridlock of snow storm that paralyzed Atlanta

"Dedicated teacher covering a sleeping child on floor at school."
"Dedicated teacher covering a sleeping child on floor at school."
John Spink of the Atlanta Journal Constitution via USA Today

Yesterday, Fox5 News in Atlanta reported that Governor Nathan Deal is calling a task force together to analyze and address the reason for the gridlock.

Addressed, as one of the main issues, will be the lack of a plan in Atlanta when the snow storm hit most of Georgia on Tuesday.

There were nationwide reports that the storm only resulted in two inches of snow that fell – most areas had as much as four inches. However, this was a blinding snow that fell and it was so dense it made visibility almost nil.

And because the temperature was in the single digits, it quickly turned to ice not just fluffy snow. This snow was so fine – not a flake to be seen. It looked more like white rain falling from the sky. It happened quickly and it continued snowing hard for about 24 hours nonstop. The wind was fierce and drove the snow with force.

Visibility was poor looking from the living room window. It was a nightmare for motorist.

The Governor came under a lot of criticism for the lack of response from the state. Already announced is the appointment of well known Fox5 meteorologist, Ken Cook. The Governor has invited others as well; and they are expected to meet at the Statehouse on Monday where he will announce their names.

This storm stranded people and left them in their automobiles for as long as 24 or more hours. Many abandoned their vehicles and walked miles in single digit temperatures.

There were babies born in these conditions, ambulances stranded with very sick folks on board, children and teachers forced to spend nearly two days in school rooms.

Also, there were families out of their minds because they could not hear from their loved ones for hours and hours.

There were thousands of accidents on the highway and a maze of sideways automobiles that looked like a junk yard.

One man was arrested when he stole a tow truck and was helping himself to the abandoned vehicles on the highway.

But true to form, this storm brought out the very best in the people of Atlanta. Grocery stores, hardware stores, restaurants and many other warm places opened their doors for people to come in from the cold and sleep wherever they could – many on the floor.

People took in complete strangers. One man gave up his hotel room to a family who had been on their way home from the hospital where their young son had outpatient surgery that day.

This is a storm that will be long remembered not just from the stress of it all but for the blessings of it all as well.

It was once said that God has people everywhere and that is certainly true here in Atlanta.

For a slide show of ten gripping photos of this storm click here to see the collection of USA Today.

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