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GA church education ministry help 50 students earn $4.3 million in scholarships

Church helps student members obtain $4.3 million in scholarships through youth ministry.
Church helps student members obtain $4.3 million in scholarships through youth ministry.
Facebook/Turner Chapel AME

According to the Christian Post on Thursday, a Georgia church helped 50 of its recent high school graduates earn $4.3 million in scholarships by mentoring and providing guidance to the students through their education ministry.

Turner Chapel AME in Marietta is a unique church, in that is goes above and beyond assisting youth with their academics and getting scholarships. Turner held a special service to honor 50 students in the group, who were accepted to a combined 125 colleges and received college tuition assistance through private scholarships, institutional, merit and need-based aid.

College is expensive and many students have limited resources to make it a reality. Public universities carry an annual tag of around $25,000, and private colleges can easily cost $50,000 annually. Whereby, making college optional. Whatever the reason may be to not attend college, the cost is expensive and tuition is steadily increasing at almost every colleges.

Check out the photo stream of these 50 college-bound students in Marietta, GA.

Mychal Wynn, the education ministry leader realizes that students come from economic backgrounds that "span the range of families with little to no financial resources to those with enough to pay some of their college costs. However, even the most affluent families find a $60,000 annual price tab out of reach without taking out loans,", told The Christian Post.

Both Wynn and his wife, Nina, co-lead the program at Turner Chapel with the purpose of helping students within their congregation search for scholarships and equip them with the skills needed to earn financial assistance. The Wynns and the church raised $3,000 prior to beginning the education ministry.

"Supporting students and families is the work of the church. Guiding students into college, debt free, allows families to continue to have the financial resources to support the work of the church and it's various outreach ministries," said Wynn.

Congratulations to Turner Chapel, the mentors and parents for pouring in to these young students.

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