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G-Unit surprises public with new EP 'The Beauty Of Independence'

EP Cover
EP Cover

One of the biggest names this summer, in the rap game, has been 50 Cent and his G-Unit crew. G-Unit has been reunited since SummerJam this year and has since been blessing the public with great remixes, freestyles and new original material.

On Sunday night, August 24th, the crew released a surprise EP titled ‘The Beauty Of Independence.’ The fact that the EP was completely released without promotion or notice (seemed to pull a Beyonce) does show the beauty of being independent from major record labels. The Unit is following their own instincts and rules. The independence means more music, more authentic lyrics and a more authentic career.

‘The Beauty Of Independence’ is the first introduction to new G-Unit member Kidd Kidd. Kidd has been featured on most of the new material and remixes put out before this EP, but having him on the EP just solidifies his presence as a G-Unit member.

Kidd Kidd is from New Orleans and has actually been in the hip-hop world for quite a while. Kidd was discovered by Lil Wayne back in 2008 and was one of Cash Money’s first signees. Kidd separated from the label after not appearing in the video for ‘Mrs. Officer’ even though he was a part of the original song. In June 2011, Kidd was shot six times and in July 2011 was speaking about a deal with G-Unit Records. From there, it has been history.

The EP includes six tracks.

1. Watch Me
2. I Don’t F*** With You
3. Digital Scale
4. Dead A Pu*** N****
5. Changes
6. The Plug

The track ‘Watch Me’ is being projected as the first single with already being performed live on 50 Cent’s ex’s show “Chelsea Lately.” The song is a great testimony to the fact that everyone in the hip-hop world, and even in all of the entertainment industry, is watching this miraculous reunion and how successful it has proven to be.

The highlight of the EP is being talked about as being ‘Changes.’ The song is a change of pace where each group member gets and opportunity to talk about beef they’ve had, and how people they’ve known have changed on them. 50 brings up former drama with Dr. Dre and Jimmy Lovine. The hook of the song,

These ni****'ll change on you

I can't keep count of how many times I done watched them change on me

Now they hate everything I do

I can’t help but win, I’m a winner, n****, you changed on me

The EP is amazing because it is authentic G-Unit music. It is truly amazing that the group is able to reunite after five years of separate paths and come together to create music that sounds similar to their original material. Maybe the issue was the major labels. Thank God the group is now independent from that. Beautiful.

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