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G-Unit reunites at Hot 97's Summer Jam

Photo by Bryan Bedder

The long-awaited reunion of G-Unit finally took place. They all came together to perform at the Hot 97's Summer Jam concert in New Jersey this past Sunday. The reunion of 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo and Young Buck was thought to never happen because 50 Cent himself said he would never work with them again.

G-Unit formed in 2000 and they went on to have a successful career. Their first album “Beg for Mercy,” went on to sell 1.3 million albums in the U.S. And was certified double platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America. The group added The Game to their roster and hell ensued. 50 Cent and Game didn't get along and it led to Game leaving the group. Young Buck also had trouble getting along with 50 Cent which caused a rift within the group.

The second album, titled “Terminate on Sight,” was released in 2008 and it didn't move units as well as the prior album. In fact, the album sold less than 200,000 units. Maybe the lackluster sales might have been a reason for the group falling apart. 50 Cent focused on business more and not as much as in making songs as he was known to do.

Six years after their last album was released, G-Unit made a comeback and they did it in a big way. Performing in Hot 97's Summer Jam concert got them a lot of attention and they seized that opportunity. Soon afterwords, they released the single “Nah, I'm Talking About,” and free-styled to Drake's latest single, “0 to 100.”

50 Cent's latest album, “Animal Ambition” was released on June 3rd. The G-Unit press coverage is only going to help 50 Cent move more albums so it is hard to say if 50 didn't plan for this to happen. 50 Cent always has been a smart businessman and this may have been his best business move to date. Animal Ambition's first week sales will tell if 50 Cent's extensive media coverage helped him or not. The best news for G-Unit fans is that they may finally get an G-Unit album.