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G-SHOCK can predict the weather

It is a different kind of a smartwatch. This Casio G-SHOCK timepiece can predict the nautical weather. The new G-SHOCK Gulfmaster has features useful for ocean activities — an atmospheric pressure sensor that can help predict changes in the weather, compass bearing to check the direction to a destination, and a tide graph that indicates the tide level.


Along with digital display of current atmospheric pressure values, the second hand also indicates the change in pressure compared to the previously measured value. The hand points to a number engraved on the bezel, while the angle of the hand indicates the magnitude of the pressure change. A sudden spike or drop in pressure is indicated with an arrow in the inset dial, accompanied by an alarm signal. As a result, the timepiece provides an accurate indication of atmospheric pressure change numerically, along with a more visual impression from the angle of the hand. This allows for an individual to take action when the weather is about to change.

The watch also indicates compass direction with the second hand pointing north, and the angle shown on the LCD. One can use these functions to decide the direction to a destination across the open sea. In addition, the watch comes with a tide graph for pre-set locations so that one can anticipate sea surface conditions at the destination for anchorage, etc. The watch boasts other multiple features useful for ocean activities such as water resistance to 200 meters and two separate LED lights for illuminating the dial and LCD.

Equipped with Smart Access, the Gulfmaster's advanced functions can be operated intuitively. By pulling, turning, and pressing the crown, the world time and all the sensor functions can be accessed with ease. A single button calls up the sensor measurements, and different sounds indicate which sensor mode is in use. The watch also features a new band that is integrated into the case. Made from flexible soft urethane, the band also offers improved comfort.

In regards to others in the G-SHOCK series, Casio America, Inc. continues to celebrate their new camouflage timepiece series with an on and off-line scavenger hunt that leads consumers through the city of Miami and its cultural hotspots. After completing the hunt, every player (National and Local) can enter for the chance to win a trip for two to the 2014 US Open of Surfing in Huntington Beach, California.
The Miami scavenger hunt begins June 12 at Unknwn and ends June 26 2014
The Dallas scavenger hunt begins June 27 at Centre and ends July 9 2014
The NYC scavenger hunt begins at G-SHOCK SoHo and ends July 17 2014

Follow: @gshock_hunt on twitter. A live feed will tweet the status of prizing during the scavenger hunt.
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