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"G.I. Joe" is a go


G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra movie poster

Rating 3 out of 5.

For the record I was never really a fan of G.I. Joe, while there were a number of attempts to get interested in it, I could never really get into it.  This review is also based the film only and not a comparison to the material that has come before it.

G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra is based off the popular Hasbro toy line that was launched in the 1960's.  From there G.I. Joe was relaunched in the 80's as a very popular cartoon and comic series.

In the not so distant future, an arms dealer develops the use of nano-bots.  Nano-bots are microscopic robots that were used to cure cancer, but the arms dealer has been able to make them into a weapon.  Four warheads were created containing nano-bots and while they were being transfered, a secret organization tries to steal them.

Leading the cast is Channing Tatum in the role of "Duke".  Dennis Quaid does an outstanding job in the role of "General Hawk".  Fan favorite Ray Park also stars as "Snake Eyes".  I must admit that Sienna Miller ("The Baroness"), Rachel Nichols ("Scarlett") performed incredibly along with the character details and mannerisms of Joseph Gordon-Levitt ("The Doctor").  These three were centerpieces of the film that really gave it another layer for viewers to appreciate.  Jonathan Pryce and Brendan Fraser also make an appearance in the film.

Ok, there has been a lot of talk around this film.  At first people were excited but now the word is to avoid this like the plague.  While I was neither a fan nor looking forward to this film, I admit that this film was good and not bad at all.  While all they classic sayings were weaved into the film, there were no stupid kid moments. 

There are two main issues that this film must address; the first is are the characters good.  In my opinion they were great, I also feel that if fans were to compare these with the cartoon or comic then they will be happy with the film.  Second is if the film does a good job with "Snake Eyes" and "Storm Shadow".  Now I am not a fan of the series, but even I knew of these two ninjas.  Like Wolverine is the "go-to-guy" for The X-Men, Snake Eyes is for the Joe's.  Once again with not comparing Snake Eyes to previous material, I feel that film did a great job with this issue was well. 

The reason for a low score is that there seems to be a lot of things going on, which is good, but the removal of one or two story lines and more focus on the characters would have benefited the film. 

G.I. Joe was a very enjoyable action film, while it is on the longer side the time goes fast and you do not really notice it, which is always a good thing.  Once again it is a big budget action film.  While this may not win any awards and it did seem like they were trying to cram a lot of stuff into the film, the creators did a great  job as a whole and it is absolutely better than Transformers.

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