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G.H. Wild spring perennial sale

Check out the lovely daylilies on sale!
Check out the lovely daylilies on sale!
Laurie Brown 2012

Gilbert H. Wild & Son LLC, noted seller of peonies, iris, hostas, lilies, daylilies and other perennials, is having a spring clearance sale Most of the clearance items are daylilies and there are some real beauties there, like ‘My Sweet Rose’ and ‘American Revolution’! There are also some iris, grasses, the gigantic ‘Blue Umbrella’ hosta, a dahlia collection and a hosta collection. The star piece of the sale, though, if you have a lot of space to fill (and a lot of money) is the daylily collection - 38 fancy daylilies for $95.

They also have some items on a BOGO- buy one, get one (free) sale once again, mostly daylilies but also grasses, astilbes, peonies and other perennials.

They are already shipping roots and rhizomes; daylilies are shipped all summer & fall but some other plants only ship through May and then again in fall. Their shipping & handling is very reasonable and they sell great plants.