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We are G-d's biggest risk,
We are G-d's biggest risk,

It's time to take it up a notch. Until this point, the Torah has given us instructions on how to build a Temple. Now, we move to the next level. How do we elevate man inside the Temple? More important, how do we refine him when he leaves the Temple?
When G-d created the universe, he formed the planets above, the dust below, and everything in between. It was all absolutely perfect,. Then G-d threw a curve ball; wild, unpredictable, capable-of-anything-homo-sapiens. Even the angels did not think it was a good idea. Were they so wrong?
Can you imagine what our world would look like if man had not been given a speaking part? It would be exactly like it was on week one; picturesque, harmonious, a perfectly balanced Eco-system. Man is the X-factor, he changes everything.
One day he builds cities, the next day he destroys them. He is part angel and part beast. Why did G-d produce this paradox? Was He playing a game? ‘Risk’? Maybe the ‘human factor’ is G-d’s personal TV show?
Babies are adorable (most of the time), but they are unable to think about other people's needs and feelings. An infant who has every whim fulfilled is a spiritual zero

G-d created the universe,

Our job, as adults, is to teach our young to work hard, be a mensch, be honest with themselves and others, self-reliant, when faced with tough choices do the right thing, and know that all their talents are a gift from G-d to be used wisely and in His service.

For 20-25 years or so, we do our best. But we know that for the first quarter-of-a-century of their young lives, it's all practice, a dry run if you will. All our lessons and theory are finally put to to the test when they get married. That is why this week's Biblical reading which deals with the holiness or the fall of man starts off with the idea of marriage and having children.
We all have various animal instincts and natures; selfishness, anger, procrastination, jealousy, etc. We must drag these habits to the altar and slaughter them. But how? Get married. Forget about building a castle and becoming it's king; create a living Temple and become its priest.
Paying dues at a synagogue is easy. Making your life a prayer, your home a spiritual haven, your Shabbat table filled with guests an the reason why the angels were wrong. True, the world would look perfect, but it would not achieve anything. We are G-d's biggest risk, His greatest worry, His most profound joy.

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