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G Bar & Kitchen in Swampscott is small and snappy

G is a welcome addition to the North Shore
G is a welcome addition to the North Shore

G Bar & Kitchen is located along the shore of Swampscott, MA. Sorry, no ocean view but a short stroll (100 feet) provides a scenic pre- or post-meal activity.

The interior is small but nicely appointed. The entire restaurant can only seat about 30 people at tables plus another 8 at the bar. The menu is seasonal and the staff is attentive and friendly.
The local buzz is generally positive.
We started with two apps. Mine was the foie gras pate with fig compote and my wife had 'G's Happy Meal'. The foie was a large dollop of airy foie mixed (I'm guessing here) with whipped cream. I'm accustomed to seeing foie pate in a slice but it appears the chef has taken a simple (rustic?) route here. It was delicious and well accompanied by the compote and crostini. The 'G Happy Meal' is a cleverly named appetizer sampler plate that included three fried shrimp with a spicy Asian sauce, two native-corn fritters, two slices of seared tuna. The chef is not breaking any new ground here but he executed beautifully.

My wife ordered a special entree of salmon and scallops over greens. Unfortunately, both were served a tad overcooked and dry. She thought the flavors were there but the dryness of the seafood was a bit of a joy kill.

I had grilled skirt steak with bleu cheese and a pile of onion rings. The steak was perfectly cooked to the requested medium rare and properly sliced across the grain. I'm not a big fan of bleu cheese and the chef was more than accommodating to my request to use it sparingly. The onion rings, and I am a sucker for them, were great. Large and piled high over the meat to provide a nice sculptural visual as it arrives at the table.

We were disappointed the kitchen ran out of white chocolate as we were eager to try the dessert of frozen berries with warm white chocolate sauce. A recipe I have seen in a Barefoot Contessa cookbook. I've had this at home and it is wonderful.

Perhaps we'll have it next time we visit G because I know I will be returning.

For more information:

G Bar & Kitchen
256 Humphrey Street
Swampscott, MA  01907

(781) 596-2228


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